Philip II, King of Spain

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Philip II, King of Spain

Born 5/21/1527 at ValladolidSon of Charles V and Isabella of PortugalInherited Spanish Empire in 1556Devoutly CatholicExterminated Protestantism in SpainCrusaded against Ottoman Empire, breaking Ottoman control of MediterraneanAttempted to conquer Protestant England, but was defeatedGained control of Portugal and its empire, becoming Philip I of PortugalConquered Philippines (Named after Philip)Died of cancer 9/13/1598


1527 - Birth1556 - Inherited Spanish Empire1571 - Defeat of Ottoman Empire1581 - Gained control of Portugal1588 - Spanish Armada defeated by England1598 - Death

Gained control of Portugal's empire for SpainExpanded Spain's EmpireHelped to Break Turkish control of MediterraneanBrought enormous wealth into Spain from the New WorldContinued Spain's legacy as the dominant European superpower


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Philip II, King of Spainby Clara, Logan, Tyra, and Sam



Absolute Monarchy

Divine Right

The God-given right of a monarch to rule making a monarch answerable only to god.Philip II inhereited the throne as part of his family's Divine Right to rule and he passed on that rule to his son Philip III in the same manner

A form of government where the monarch has absolute power over his peoplePhilip II's reign was that of an absolute monarch in that he was the ultimate power in Spain, answering to no one but God. His palace, the Escorial demonstrates this opulence and power perfectly


Philip II's reign marked the height of the Spanish empire, bringing enormous wealth and power to Spain. However, his military campaigns bankrupted Spain numerous times, leaving the government outwardly untouchable but beginning to fail.


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