Philanthropist Jane Addams

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Philanthropist Jane Addams

In 1877 Jane Addams was accepted at Smith College and dreamed of getting a medical degree, but her father forbade this, wanting to keep her close to home. When Jane was 20 her father died and left her wealthy. She toured Europe with a friend, visited a settlement house in London and decided to establish one in

Jane Addams 1860 - 1935 Nobel Peace Prize Winner & Progressive Activist

Her Life and Work

Chicago. She'd envisioned creating a space where people could get both their basic needs met and find cultural enrichment. They founded Hull House in 1889 as "a community of university women" providing social and educational opportunities for working class people. Jane Addams focused on the 3 Rs of the settlement house movement - Residence, Research and Reform. As they discovered and addressed urban poverty, Addams also worked politically for reforms from fighting Chicago corruption to being a Presidential advisor to helping found the NAACP. Opposing WWI, she led the Women's International League for Peace and Freedom, donating her prize money to that organization when she won the Nobel Peace Prize in 1931.


Social Worker

Peace Activist


Political Adviser




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