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PKU has specific symptoms such as pain or weakness,unusual redness or a spotty rash on the skin, a higher than normal body tempture or even an increase in the number of white blood cells.

Phenylektonuria (PKU)

The treatment for PKU is treated with antibiotic drugs such as penicillin and streptomycin against viruses.

PKU is mostly found in Native American and European backgrounds. Its least common in people from Aisa, Africa, and hispanic ancestry.

PKU treatment must begin early infancy and is continued for life. Low-protein diet that includes fruits and certain vegetables physiciasn describe so that you dont take to much.

PKU is found in infants by measuring phenylalnine in blood during the first weeks of life.

For a child to inherit PKU, both parents have to have at least one mutated allele for the gene for PAH (phenylalanine hydroxylase-breaks down phenylalanine).

PKU ocurs in 1 out of 10,00 to 15,000.

People who have PKU have a normal lifespan. PKU does not affect the normal life span.

A person with PKU will have a child with PKU because it is genetic.

PKU still has work/research still being done on PKU so we will have more information abut it.

Ive learned that PKU is a very serious, sad disease that happens when your just born.

Why is PKU only first found in newborns? How come people with PKU's lifespan is not affected?


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