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Phear Horion

The Phear Horion

The Phear Horion was created by the goddess Athena to answer the prayres of the Greeks for help durring the Trojan war. Athena surprised the Greeks and Trojans when the Phear Horion suddenly flew out of the Trojan war horse. Athena created the Phear Horion by asking Promethius to help her put together a clay, Phoenix, ram, lion, and horse; her four favorite animals. Which then turned into a living creature with different powers.


The Phear Horion occasionally eats humans but mostly eats larger mammals and birds. Phear Horion's enimies are most humans and monsters. Such as, Medusa and the Minotaur. If the Phear Horion encounters it's enemies it will atack them and kill them. The Phear Horion is very loyal to the gods and will only obey them and some Greeks.



The Phear Horion can breath fire and wherever it steps sets on fire, also. The Phear Horion has the power to make whatever it's prey is freze in its tracks, too. Which makes it much easier for the Phear Horion to catch dinner.Another power that the phear Horion has is unbreakable skin. One last power that the Phear Horion has is that it can fly.

Phear Horion

Phear Horion durring the Trojan War.

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