Phases Of Mitosis

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Phases Of Mitosis

Phases Of Mitosis

Interphase is the phase of the cell cycle in which the cell spends the major time and get ready for cell division. During the interphase, the cell passes to three stages, which are: G1: Cell functions normally and grows to about double its original size.S (synthesis): Cell duplicates its own DNAG2: Cell resumes its growth and prepares for division- Most of the adult mamals cells spends about 20 hours in interohase, which is about 90% of the cell division time.


Phases Of Mitosis:1. Interphase2. Prophase3. Metaphase4. Anaphase5. Telophase6.Cytokinesis


Prophase is the first and longest a stage of mitosis in which the chromossomes becomes visible. The chromosoes condense and form two chromatids (identical). Also, during the prophase, the nucleus breaks down. In animal cells, the centrioles separete and move to opposite ends of the nucleus. The microtubules are attached to chromosomes, which aid in division.


Metaphase is marked by the alignment of chromosomes at the center of the cell, half way between each of the mitoic spindle poles, before being separated into the daughter cells. The movement is made by the microtubles, which push and pull on the chromosomes to align them. Metaphase takes approximately 4% of the cell cycle's duration.

During the anaphase the chromosomes are split and moves poleward, with the retraction of the microtubules. Then the mitotic poles marked by the centrosomes themselves separate by the elongation of a polar microtubule. The extent of the separation of the poles varies from species to species. The entire duration of anaphase is relatively short. Anaphase takes approximately 1% of the cell cycle's duration

Telophase is the final stage of mitosis. During this phase, the sister chromatids reach opposite poles. As the nuclear envelope re-forms by associating with the chromosomes, the nuclei reappears. Telophase is also marked by the dissolution of the kinetochore microtubules and the continued elongation of the polar microtubules. Telophase accounts for approximately 2% of the cell cycle's duration.

Cytokinesis is the process in which the cell actually divides into two. With the two nuclei already at opposite poles, the cell cytoplasm separates, and the cell pinches in the middle, ultimately leading the cell to divides it self.






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