Pharoah Cleopatra VII

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Pharoah Cleopatra VII

PharoahCleopatra VII

Cleopatra VII Thea Philopator was born around 69 B.C, and is known as the last active Pharoah in Ptomelaic Egypt. She ruled as Pharaoh for nearly 30 years with some help along the way of her son and brothers. Most of her life is shrouded in mystery and rumors, because not a lot about her life was actually recorded. A lot of what we know now is due to movies and plays, such as Shakespeare's "Antony and Cleopatra".

About Cleopatra

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Her child that supposedly belonged to Caesar, though he never admitted it, was called Caserion. His nickname was Little Caesar.Cleopatra VII was referred to as the "New Isis" as she associated herself with the goddess, Isis, who was seen as the role model for a perfect Egyptian wife and mother.

Intersting Facts

Taking over the throne at the age 18, after her father passed away, Cleopatra shared the throne with her 10 year old brother. Due to troubles with her brother and his advisors, she was forced to flee to Syria, where she raised an army and returned a year later. Julius Caesar, who was having trouble with his Roman Empire, stayed with Cleopatra, and they were believed to have a son together. She also seduced a Roman, Marc Antony, and fell in love with him. They also had children together. The way she died is uncertain, but she did insist on being buried next with Antony. After her death, Egypt became a province of the Roman Empire.

Cleopatra's Reign

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