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Characteristics:Have high windsHeavy rainfallCauses extensive flooding if they arrive too early in the seasonCauses drought if they arrive late in the season

Seasonal Changes- Summer: Suns rays heat the land and surrounding air.Hot air rises and cool air from the ocean rushes in brining heavy rains to China.Winter: Suns rays heat the ocean and surrounding air.Cold air moves from the land to the sea bringing heavy rains to India.

Monsoons: A seasonal wind that brings heavy rains and high winds to southern Asia. Caused by the Earth’s tilt in relation to the Sun

Precautions:Boil water before drinkingAvoid flooded bridgesCarry an umbrellaCarry additional dry clothes

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August 2007IndiaNearly 25 million displacedApproximately 1400 killedRice patties were covered in silt when flooding receded


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