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Pharmacists dispense medication to patients according to doctors' perscriptions and provide info about how to take them. This job is done indoors and you can find it in any city. Pharmacists usually work from 30-40 hours a week. However, many hospital pharmacies are open long hours, so weekend and evening work are very common. Typical Day8:30-10:00 am - cleaning up previously days work, working on new perscriptions.10:00-1:00 pm - counselling patients, filling perscriptions.1:00-1:30 pm - lunch1:30-3:00 pm - doing office work, such as invoices, product orders, basic accounting, and payrolls.3:00-5:00 pm - counselling patients, supervising the filling of perscriptions.

To be a Pharmacist you must complete a bachelors degree in pharmacy. Most Universities require students to have completed at lest one year of undergraduate university studies before applying. During this year you must complete courses such as chemistry, biology, math, and english. Once you are accepted into the program you must complete a bachelor of science degree in pharmacy. These programs take about four years to complete and provide instruction in subjects such as drug therapy, communicating with patients, proffesional ethics, and developing and managing medication distribution systems.Pharmacists must complete an internship before they can be licenced. The internship allows them to gain on the job experience under the supervision of a licenced pharmacist. You also have to pass the Pharmacy Examining Board of Canada exam.

This Job is by far the best because it challenges you, it works on your people skills, and you make a lot of money. You NEED strong communication skills since you spend a lot of time talking to customers. You ALSO need to be patient and understanding to the customers concerns. If you dont have these skills, you probably won't get the job.



Job Duties


PROS:-You get to help people get well.-You get a great sallary.-It is not as stressful as most medical jobs.CONS:-You might have to work weekends and/or evenings-You have to stand on your feet for long hours.-A lot of schooling.

The annual salary for a pharmacist in Canada is $44.8 an hour. As you move through the years of being a pharmacist your wage goes up.Lowest wage per hour-$30.44Average wage per hour- $52.68High wage per hour- $61.37Highest wage per hour- $82.44Education doesn't really make a difference in salary because everyone needs to have the same courses to become a pharmacist anyway.

Most pharmacists get a job from just four to six weeks after university.


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