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What do you know about this career right now?Pharmacists are health professionals, who give and provide prescription medication to patients and also provide information about the drugs their doctor’s have ordered for them. They also explain doctor’s instructions to patients so that the patient can use these medications safely and effectively

Explain why you selected this career?   For example‐‐Personality match?  Personal dream?  Parentalexpectation?This is my dream since I was little and this career is really fits to me beacause Im good in memorization, I love studying about math and science and I love working with other people.

b) Educational/training requirements•Must past the entrance exam•students must complete at least two years of college to be eligible for pharmacy school, though most complete 3-4 years of a bachelor's degree program.•4 years in university.•Finish all the subject requirments English, Biology, Physics, Introductory Chemistry, Organic Chemistry, Physical Chemistry, Biochemistry, Calculus, Statistics, Humanities or Social Science.• pharmacists are now required to hold Doctor of Pharmacy (Pharm.D.) professional degrees. Pharm.D. programs take four years to complete and prepare students for the technical, scientific and patient-care aspects of the profession. Courses may include: PathophysiologyToxicology,Disease treatments,Biopharmaceuticals,Pharmacy ethics and law, Drug absorption rates, Patient care, Medicinal chemistry.•academic training and testing, a pharmacist student must acquire practical experience through an apprenticeship/training program•and must past the Pharmacist Licensure Examination

a) What is the work really about?  Job description?  Main duties?Its about medicine, dipensing medication, pharmacists main duty is to distribute prescription medications to individuals. Compounding the medication is also a part of their day to day job duties, which is the mixing of the different ingredients to make the drug. However, they also help to advise their customers about the drugs that are being prescribed to them, such as interaction with other drugs, potential side effects and to answer any other questions the patient may have. Pharmacists also counsel their customers on the use of over-the-counter medicines, and can provide information on general health topics, including diet and exercise.

c) Working conditions for your career choice (salary, working environment, etc.)?Canada has approximately 39,000 licensed pharmacists. Of those, 24,000 work in 9500 community pharmacies and 5700 work in hospitals. More than 4000 pharmacists also work in other settings such as the pharmaceutical industry, governments, associations, colleges and universities and The average wage for a Pharmacist is C$45.04 per hour. Most people move on to other jobs if they have more than 20 years' experience in this career. Pay for this job does not change much by experience, with the most experienced earning only a bit more than the least.

d) Projected demand?  Growth rate?  (future job openings)In the last few years, and this year the number of pharmacists has grown sharply. Employment growth in this occupation depends primarily on the degree of prescription drug use, developments in the field of practice of pharmacists and the number of pharmacy graduates. The sharp increase should continue over the next few years.Job openings will arise primarily from employment increase, but also through positions being vacated by pharmacists who are retiring. There is very little turnover in this occupation. Some pharmacists are turning to university teaching positions, pharmaceutical research , and sales . Others are moving into management positions, such as in retails sales . Most university graduates usually find work soon after completing their studies and remain employed throughout their career

e) Professional associations/organizations for your career?The Academy of Managed Care Pharmacy (AMCP) is a professional association of individual pharmacists who use the tools and techniques of managed care in the practice of pharmacy. At the heart of every member is commitment to a simple goal: provision of the best available pharmaceutical care for patients. As an organization, AMCP strives to achieve its mission of empowering its members to serve society by providing opportunities for continued professional growth and advancing individual and collective knowledge. Throughout the year, AMCP provides conferences, online learning access, and peer-reviewed literature and leadership development seminars. Each program is designed to advance professional knowledge, improve the design and delivery of pharmacy benefits, and, ultimately, improve patient satisfaction and health outcomes.

f) Additional information regarding this career.

1. Networking—Do you have any connections with anyone in your chosen field of work?  If so, who? Orhow could you develop or create connections to learn more about your career of interest?  My auntie because she graduate as pharamacist.How can I develop or create connections to learn more about your career of interest? I use to ask my auntie lots of questions about pharmacy, so if you have any ancestors like my auntie which she graduate as pharmacist, which that is also what I want to be. Ask question, ask whats the first thing or important thing that you need to do as pharmacist, do I need to volunteer, I also read some books, watch video related or about pharmacist..

3. Do you think that the career/occupation you have chosen will meet your future needs andexpectations?  Why?/Why not?Yes it will because no just only needs for my future but also needs of others peoples future because if their is no pharmacist no one will distribute prescription medications to individuals, no one will provide information about the drugs. if I graduate and passed my board exam as a pharmacist, I kind find a job that is better as my job know and save money and by my own house and help my brother to pay his tuition fee when he reach college

How to Become a Pharmacist

5. What will your next steps be in meeting the challenges/requirements of this potential career choice?As now I think my next step is to graduate high school and past all my acedemics subject specially Math, science and English.

2. What do you foresee as some challenges and/or limitations you may face in pursuit of your goal?Tuition fee and studying at the same time working.

4. Do your skills, interests and values connect to your chosen career?  Comment on all three Memorization , I love to help people love to communicate and interested about more in science.

6. What could you do now to gain more experience—consider community involvement, volunteeropportunities, and employment options. Volunteer at hospital and others that might help me gain more experience that relates to pharmacist.


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