Pharmaceutical Scientist

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Pharmaceutical Scientist

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Pharmaceutical Scientist

What do they do?



Drug Making Process


Pharmaceutical Scientists help to discover, develop, and manufacture new compounds. They test these compounds to see how they react with "disease causing cells and organisms" and with the cells in the human body. Eventually these compounds can be used as new drugs.

Discovery: find new compounds to fight off diseases and germs Development: testing the drug by giving it to humans and animals in order to weigh out the positive and negative effectsManufacturing: creating the drug in large amounts in order to get it ready for distribution and sales

Working conditions: Pharmaceutical Scientists usually work in laboratories or in office spaces Starting Pay: $85,000Average Pay: $104,000 - $210,000Job Outlook: Very Good Advancement opportunities: You can get involved with the AAPS, go back to school to focus on a more specialized degree, or switch focus to one of the other stages of the creation of medication


While in High School you should take courses in chemistry, biology, anatomy, engineering, etc. You should have at least a bachelor's degree in pharmacy, chemistry, medicine, or something related to this. After getting a bachelor's usually people will earn some job experience, and later return to school for a more "specialized degree" like a M.S. or Pharm.D.


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