[2016] Molly Sondreal: Pharaoh Menes

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[2016] Molly Sondreal: Pharaoh Menes

Pharaoh Menes

-Ruled Egypt from 3407-3346 BC (Archaic Period)-Unified upper and lower Egypt-King of the first Dynasty-First Pharaoh of Egypt-Also referred to as King Narmar-Was killed by a hippopotamus on a hunting trip

Menes's Profile

King Menes

-During Menes's reign, the Ancient Egyptian civilization became advanced-They started to make pottery, which became distinctive to this time due to the copper used to color it-They also started to use the process of sun drying bricks-Ancient Egyptians also developed a form of written communication for the first time, called hieroglyphics-Over 200 hieroglyphic symbols had been developed by the end of Menes's reign

During Menes's Reign..

Menes's Biography

Slate describing Menes's unification of Egypt

King Menes's Burial Site

Some of the first hieroglyphics!

Pottery made during the Archaic Period


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