Pharaoh Glog of Ramses

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Pharaoh Glog of Ramses

*1 mother*1 father*200 wives*96 sons*60 daughters

Ramses ruled for 66 years. His reign began in 1279 and ended in 1213 B.C. He endured one setback during his reign. It was the battle against the Hittites.

When Ramses reigned?Did he have any setbacks during his reign?

Ramesses II

*Ramses lived to be 96 years old*Ramses was the 3rd king of the 19th dynasty*Ramses outlived his first 13 children*Ramses took the throne when his father died in 1290 B.C.*Ramses began a group of wars against the Syrians

Fun facts about Ramses the II

Ramses had very strong religious beliefs.Ramses celebrated the sed-fest. The sed-fest was a festival that was held once the Pharaoh reached his 30th year of reign.

Religious Beliefs

Ramses Family Members

*Ramses was one of the best architects in ancient *He had great military impact during his reign*Ramses had a big religious impact in his time

Major Accomplishments

Cooper Hyken12/13/15.

*Ramses was plagued by severe dental problems, arthritis, and hardening of the arteries leading to his death. *He was buried in the Valley of Kings.*He had a temple built in his honor.

Ramses Crown

After a shaky start people thought of Ramses as the best Pharaoh ever.

How did the people feel about Ramses?

Information about Ramses death and burial.

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Ramses Architecture


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