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Pharaoh Cleopatra


Pharaohs Name

Her crown had a cobras head on it. Also she ruled Egypt for almost 3 decades and earned an unfavorable reputation. Ruled with her brother Ptolemy XIII. She was expelled during rule by Ptolemy XIII. She then married Ceaser which gave her enough force to invade Egypt and win the throne back from her brother.


Major Accomplishments

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Cleopatras full name was Cleopatra VII Thea Philopator which Glory of The Father

Was known as a role model because she was so successful. She married two emperors: Julious Caesar and Mark Antony. Gained much power cause of this and had supporters if Egypt was ever in trouble. She was able to protect Egypt with a firm hand and keep it very powerful.

Buildings during the Ptolemaic City were a distinctive new kind of architecture made in the city.

She had three sisters Cleopatra VI, Berenice IV, and Arisone IV. Also she had two brothers Ptolemy XIII and Ptolemy XIV. She married both of them to rule with. In Egypt to rule you had to be married to one of your brothers or sons if you were a women. This is why she had married two of her brothers. She killed one of her brothers and sisters because they were challenging her from her throne.

She committed suicide because she was dethroned. She killed herself by asking one of her servants to sneak a snake in a basket. She then purposely let the snake bite her ankle. She made arrangements before she died to be buried with Mark Antoney, her former husband. Nobody knows where they are buried but it is thought they are buried near the statue of Isis.

Was a descendant of Macedonia but still had religious beliefs in Egypt.

Religous Belifs


Death And Burial


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