peyton history

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peyton history

This picture is a symbol of what my family is all about. They are not just about no fighting, they are about love, peace, and blacksmithing. Febuary 4th is the day we lost to the patriots. It was horrible, it was disappointing, but we gained two people . My sister got arrested for walking somewhere and the people thought she was a patroit. She also lost a game to the patriots.I wasn't there to help, I was sick at home with my husband . Oh, how I wish I was there.

I am a loyalist because I think we should stay loyal to the king. Sometimes I feel sad because we lost or someone in our group died. When I'm happy it's because we won and because we gained people . Also I know my sister is ok. I feel out numbered. They have hundreds of more people then we do. I don't think we should kill, it's wrong to kill. Sincerely,Abby Jones


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