Peyton and Eli Manning

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Peyton and Eli Manning

Eli Manning proudly followed in the footsteps of his father, mother, and his oldest brother, Cooper, by attending the Ole Miss. In 2003, Eli finished his college career at Ole Miss with 47 school records, 10,119 passing yards, 81 touchdown passes, 829 completions, and 1,363 attempts. Eli tied with his father with 300 yards passing. Eli joined the New York Giants in 2004. Eli is still playing as the Giant's quarter- back. After being a Giant for 3 years, Eli played 54 games, 39 as a quarter- back, with 1,805 attempts, he completed 987 passes with a total of 11,385 yards and 77 touch downs.

Archie, the father of Peyton and Eli, was the 1978 NFL MVP, the NFL Offence MVP, the NFL Player of the Year, and a Pro Bowl All-Star 2 times. He also set a school record of 300 yards passing, which he was later tied with by his youngest son, Eli. Archie started playing football with a long carrer ahead of him, but in 1984 he was forced to retire due to a thyroid disease


Peyton Manning was born in March 1974. He was the only family member that did not attend the University of Mississippi. Both his brothers and parents proudly attended Ole Miss. Peyton was proud to play for the University of Tennesse instead. Once in the NFL, Peyton played for the Colts and in 2007 the Colts played in the Super Bowl against the Chicago Bears. The Colts won 29:17. Peyton was selected to play in the NFL’s All-Star game. His team proudly one that game. Peyton is now known as the Denver Bronco's quarterback.


Fun Facts

When Archie Manning (number 18 on the football team) retired, Ole Miss honered him by changing the school speed limit to 18.The last regular game between the Rebels and Ole Miss was known as the Egg Bowl for 75 years because of the egg-shaped trophy given as the reward.Archie, Peyton, and Eli Manning all played as a quarterbacks. Cooper played as wide receiver.

Peyton and Eli Manning


Peyton Manning

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