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Petronella Wensing

Petronella Wensing

Later lifeIn Canberra she studied for 3 years to qualify as a tech style design teacher, she taught for 16 years!

Early LifePetronella Wensing was born in Holdand. She was beginning teaching when she was 16 when her town was bombed and taken over by the Germans. Sadly enough, the war caused petronella's family to split up. She then met her husband Michael in 1948 and later had two sons.After the war jobs were scarce. Michael went unemployed. The Dutch Government and the Catholic Migration office encouraged and convinced the family to move to a place where the country was less effected by war. They decided to move to Australia. She was sad to leave the Netherlands, but with a fresh strat and a baby on the way Petronella and Michael were hoping for a better future...

Life In AustraliaPetronella was highly skilled at sewing. She bought her sewing equiptment and tools over with her. The family was split up when Michael had to move Canberra for work. Petronella stayed with her children at a miagrent hostel in Sydney. They were all soon reunited in Canberra.

Last daysShe became a well known artist and started working at church and community centres to help miagrants settle into Australia and start their new lives.



Petronellla With her Husband and two sons


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