Petronella Van Daan

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Petronella Van Daan

Petronella Van Daan

We lived a very difficult life in the annex. We fought for the most ridiculous things. Although this may be a crazy thing to say. I'm going to miss the times when we were all toegther. We were all once family, and will always be.

I give all my thanks to Mr.Frank. Today was the first day arriving in the annex. The rooms were very small compared to my mansion. It's not much but it will have to do.

Our first day was alright Mr.Frank told us to keep calm and to be quite for half the day. it was hard to since my husband and I are usually so loud. I hope I get used to living here. We could be here for long.

I hate that blasted girl. She always tries to be near my son, peter. I get mad at both of them. They're too young for showing affection to one another. I hope Anne stays away from him. Or I will explode.

Today was Hanukkah it was such an amazing day. It reminded me of when we used to live in the mansion. Anne gave us all gifts. She gave me a bottle full of shampoo! What a nice girl she is. We sang songs but we also got into fights. But that didn't stop us from bonding. I wish it was like this everyday.

Something odd was going on in the morning. The telephone from downstairs rang for the third time. The funny thing was nobody was in the building. I wish I could go downstairs to investigate the person who is calling.

Today my husband was caught stealing bread. Can you believe these people? Freaking out over my putti taking the bread! He needs to be fed more than anyone else. How could can anyone possibly be? I mean it's just bread for gods sake. Why go so mad over it? Everyday something like this happens. We have the most stupidest fights that get us all depressed in the end.

Today was the last day in the annex. It was so depressing to see all our items getting dumped like garbage in the ground. why are the Germans so cruel? What did we do to deserve such a cruel life. We say out last goodbyes and exit out the door never to come back.

I began to worry at the Franks didn't arrive at the time they were supposed to be at the annex. luckily before I can think of anything worse that has happened to them they arrive and we greet each other.

Anne woke us up in the middle of the night. I was furious and scared if anyone had heard her. She was talking in her sleep and screaming all because of a nightmare. What a child. and she declares herself as mature child.


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