Petroleum Engineering

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Petroleum Engineering

Petroleum Engineering

performance-related and you may receive bonuses for offshore work.Working hours are mainly 9am to 5pm but often include some extra hours. Major companies typically offer flexible working patterns. Offshore assignments require shift work, usually 12 hours on and 12 hours off continuously for two weeks, followed by a two to three-week break onshore.

A bachelor's degree in petroleum engineering typically takes four years and includes field work. differential equations and physics. Petroleum engineering courses cover topics such as natural gas engineering and well construction.

Starting salaries for petroleum engineers are in the region of £27,000 - £36,500. Salaries at the higher end of the scale are available to those with a relevant PhD.expect to earn £52,000 - £95,000. When there is the demand, experienced freelance engineers may earn over £1,000 per day.

Petroleum geologists: who find hydrocarbons by analysing subsurface structures with geological and geophysical methods.Reservoir engineers: who work to optimise production of oil and gas via proper well placement, production levels and enhanced oil recovery techniques. Production engineers: who manage the interface between the reservoir and the well through such tasks as perforations, sand control, artificial lift, downhole flow control and downhole monitoring equipment.

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Aerospace Engineers, Aviation Inspectors, Civil Engineers, Marine Engineers

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