Petrarch and Boccacio

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Petrarch and Boccacio

Petrarch and Boccacio

He was one of the earliest and most influential humanists. He was also considered the father of Renaissance humanism, and also a great poet. He wrote in both Latin and Italian, and he wrote his sonnets in Italian. All of these sonnets were about a woman named Laura, and all we know about her is that she died of the plague in 1348. He wrote in Latin when he wrote important letters to friends.



He was known best for his series of realistic and sometimes off-color stories all gathered in a book known as the Decameron. All the stories are supposed to be told by a group of young people waiting in a villa to avoid the plague that was sweeping through Florence at the time. This book presents both comic and tragic views of life, such as he uses cutting humor to describe the human condition, and he also presents all of his characters in their individuality and all their folly.


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