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What is the main purpose of the Petra Treasury?When the Treasury was built the Nabataeans used it as a burial and cremating site. When the Romans and the Egyptians took rule over Petra through time the purpose of the Treasury became a mystery. Now this architectual wonder is used as a tourism site.

Building and Location:The Petra Treasury is located in Wadi Musa, Petra, Ma'an, Jordan in the Arab states. This means that Saudi Arabia is South of Petra, Israel is North West of Petra and Egypt is South West of Petra. The first owners of the Petra Treasury where the Nabataeans who where the ones who built it. This race from Southern Arabia took 2,000 years to craft this architectual wonder out of a sandstone cliff with only tools made of sandstone. The construction was finished in 309 BC.

Petra TreasuryBy Lucas Triglavcanin

The Petra Treasury!

The location of Petra.

What were the main materials used in the construcion of the Petra Treasury?As the Petra Treasury was built 2323 years ago the only tools that the Nabataeans could find was what was around them, sandstone. This meant that the Nabataeans had to use sandstone to carve the Petra Treasury out of a sandstone cliff for 2,000 years

Is Petra still used today?Yes Petra is used for a tourism site for many people across the globe do see it's architectual feats. On the other hand, the Petra Treasury is not used for its sole Nabataean purpose of a burial and cremation site.

Interesting Facts:1.) Petra means "the rock" in Greek.2.) Petra was rediscovered by the Swiss explorer Ludwig Burckhardth in 18123.) Petra has been involved in the movies Indiana Jones and Transformers.4.) The historic landmark is called the Petra Treasury even though it wasn't a treasury.5.) The elevation of Petra is 810 metres.

Inside The Petra Treasury!

How has the use of the Petra Treasury changed over time?For 2323 years the use of the Petra Treasury has been changing. The Nabataens used it for a burial and cremation site. Then the Romans and the Egyptians took rule thoughout history over Petra and since those days the use of Pertra has been a mystery. Now we know that it is used as a tourism site for people around the globe.


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