Peter vs. Saddam

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Peter vs. Saddam


Peter the Great

Saddam Hussein

Peter the Great and Saddam Hussein


1672 - Peter the Great born in Russia1696 - Peter the Great began rule of Russian Empire1937 - Saddam Hussain born in Iraq1979 - Saddam Hussein became the President of Iraq

Compare 1: Both leaders controlled both political and military power, hence being absolute rulers.Compare 2: Saddam "reinvented himself and his revolution" (, similar to how Peter the Great re-did the styles and culture of Russia to match Europe.

Contrast 1: Peter the Great died from Gangrene (death of tissue in the body), while Saddam Hussein died from execution by hanging.Contrast 2: Saddam Hussain was elected into power, while Peter The great was given his power by succession to the throne .

Saddam Hussein was the fifth president of Iraq serving for more than 20 years. He was well known for the brutality of his dictatorship and was later on charged, convicted, and executed.

Peter the Great was the Czar of Russia. He expanded Russia through many successful wars and led a cultural revolution that modernized a more traditional and medieval way.


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