Peter Van Daan

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Peter Van Daan

A2S1: I can’t find my cat, Mouschi and it is really worrying me because I don’t know where he went, I think he’s lost. If you see him contact me. A2S2: I would have never thought I would have enjoyed having a conversation with someone who I used to think was so noisy.A2S3: After a big uncomfortable situation think there is always something good in everyday.A2S4:Probably one of the worst days of my life if most the worst for several reasons. A2S5: I guess that having a diary makes other people understand more of who the writer was feeling and thinking and its amazing how people write in it like if they were speaking to a real person.

Statuses Act 1

- Peter is 16 years old.- He has a cat named Mouschi.- He goes into hiding with his parents and the Franks above Mr. Franks business.- He becomes good friends with Anne and kisses her. - He is Jewish.

A1S1: I am about to leave my house with my parents and my cat, Moushi. A1S2: I didn’t know how hard it is to be quiet and not move for such long time, I wish it ends soon. A1S3: Living with other people is hard enough but living with one more person doesn’t make it any easier. A1S4: Waking up in the middle of the night because of a girls scream is not pleasant.A1S5: Celebrating Hanukkah with others while receiving a safety razor from Anne and hearing others sing the Hanukkah song.


Statuses Act 2


Peter Van Daan

Here is a picture of a cat to represent Peters cat, Mouschi.

Here is a picture of the Star of David becuse it represents Jews and he is Jewish.

Here is a video of someone else that went into hiding during the Holocaust like Peter and she explain what she went through and what it was like at the time.

I picked this background of burnt paper becuase it looks old and the Holocaust was years ago. Also because its not crazy like Peter isn't crazy.

I picked this music to represent Peter because its calm like Peter and I could see Peter listening to it.


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