Peter Van Daan

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Peter Van Daan

Scene: 1 I’m a bit nervous and scared at the same time. Me and my parents are moving in with the Franks in the Annex, i’m a bit nervous because i’ve never in my life met them, and I don’t know how they are or basically anything about them at all. And what if we get caught in the streets? We’ll get arrested, god how I hope this all goes well.Reasoning: Peter and his family were moving in and he was nervous because he wasn’t used to being with girls or anything like that and now he had to move in with three other including his mother making it 4 girls.Scene: 2 Finally arriving to the Annex and meeting all these new people was very new for me. I’m not used to it, although I was happy to be burning those starts that was a permission for people to spit all over us.Reasoning: “(He starts to rip off his star of David)” “You can’t throw...? Something they branded you with...? They made you wear so they can spit on you?” When the Van Daans first arrive Peter gets settled in, and he starts taking off all of his stars ready to burn them all.

Peter VanPels/Van Daan

Act 1

Nov 8, 1926-Date of birthMay 5, 1945-Date of death

Scene: 3 I’m very annoyed and irritated, I just want to leave this place already. Anne won’t stop bothering me, she won’t leave me alone. I feel like she wants something from me I just don’t know what.Reasoning: “You’ve taken them haven’t you? You’re going to be sorry!” “I heard about you... How you talked so much they called you Mrs. Quack Quack!” Anne had taken Peter’s shoes and wouldn’t give them back to him so he got super annoyed and started teasing her with the nickname everyone used to call her for talking so much.Scene: 4 Today I woke up startled and a bit of fear in me, Anne was screaming in her sleep. I thought someone might hear her so I had to go check on her.Reasoning: “(Peter puts his robe on coming out of his room. Margot comes to the door of Anne’s room followed by Peter.)” Anne had a nightmare and woke up screaming that she woke everyone. I was scared someone might here her and come up for us. But she finally woke up and everyone dismissed to their rooms.Scene: 5 Hanukkah arrived! I spent it well with everyone. And for once I wasn’t annoyed of Anne, her presents were wonderful! After the whole someone robbing downstairs we all got back to our thing, I honestly had a good time!Reasoning: “On behalf of Mouschi, I thank you.” They all spent Hanukkah together, everyone was singing and having a great time. Anne had gifts for everyone to lighten up the mood! Which was a great idea since they were surprisingly good gifts she had made for everyone.

Scene: 1 I went into Anne’s room today, and something kind of happened in there. I don’t know how to explain it but i’m starting to get closer to Anne by time. We had a pretty deep conversation when I went after her, I don’t know why I did but it felt like the right thing to do. I even offered her to visit me whenever she felt like doing so.Reasoning: “I think you’re just fine” Anne was telling Peter about how she wasn’t good for him, but he cheers her up by complimenting her and telling her she isn’t as bad as she thinks she is, “Well, any time you want to let off steam, you can come into my room.” They were both talking and expressing feelings about their rooms and what they each did to calm down and so Peter welcomed her to join him in his room whenever she wanted to.Scene: 2 I don’t know what’s going on with me, but I think i’m starting to like Anne. I don’t know what i’m saying but she’s just I don’t know, changed? I feel like i’ve grown closer to her and i feel like I finally got to see the real her. She isn’t as bad as I thought she was. And um I sort of kissed her cheek.Reasoning: “I don’t agree at all. I think you’re pretty.” Peter compliments her by calling Anne pretty. She kept talking about how Margot was better than her and much prettier, until Peter stepped in and stopped her from insulting herself, and gave her his own opinion on her which was calling her pretty. “Then suddenly PETER grabs her awkwardly in his arms, kissing her on the cheek. ANNE walks out dazed.” They suddenly started talking about kissing someone and as Anne starts to leave he decides to make the move and kiss her cheek.Scene: 3 Finally some good news around here! This is probably the best news I have ever hard heard in my life. The invasion has begun!!! Miep came to tell us tonight right after having a big argument. We were having a big fight and almost got kicked out but Miep came in and gave us the good news and suddenly we were like best friends.Reasoning: “Did you hear that, everybody? Did you hear what I said? The invasion has begun! The invasion!” Miep that night came to tell them the outstanding news, that the invasion had started. They all got super exited at the thought of them being liberated that they suddenly stopped fighting and seemed as if they were all the best of friends.Scene: 4 This may be my last time talking to you, they have found us all. Someone spoke and told that we have been in hiding in the secret Annex, so a lot German officers came to check it out and bam, they only gave us 5 minutes to pack up out clothes. Our worst nightmare has come to life, who knows where they’ll send us all, if they’ll send us to different camps, or the same ones, or if they’ll kill in instantly.Reasoning: “For the past two years we have lived in fear. Now we can live in hope.” They all find out what is about to happen to all of them. So the all start getting scared and in panic as well. Because they all know what is awaiting for them in the other side of the door. “PETER comes to ANNE, kissing her goodbye; then he goes to his room to collect his things.” They all know that they might never see each other again so they start saying their goodbyes right then and their.Scene: 5 I feel for Mr. Frank, I truly do. He was the one who always took care of everyone in the secret Annex no matter what happened he always was nice to everyone in there. He was the one to take my family and I in, yet he was the one to suffer the most after everything was all over.Reasoning: “That’s how I found out about my wife’s death . . . of Margot, the Van Daans . . . Dussel. But Anne . . . I still hoped” Mr. Frank lost everyone he had, from my family to his own family. Imagine finding out your wife, your daughters, and the people you spent every minute with for over two years. To be told that they all just died and to be the only one who survived. It’s truly really painful to even think about imagine having to live through it all.

Act 2

Mother: Auguste Van PelsFather: Hermann Van PelsPet: Cat, MouschiLives: Amsterdam, Poland

Age:16Died at: 18


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