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Peter Van Daan

Act 2 Scene 1 : I am so confused and worried, I feel sad but at the same time I am happy because Miep brought us a cakeReasoning: Peter is confused and worried because he can’t find Moushi his cat. He is confused on where he could have gone. The text states, “Miep, have you seen Mouschi? Have you seen him anywhere around? ” Which means Peter is confused and worried on where he could be. Peter is also happy because the story sScene 2: I am happy and excited I got see Anne and we connected for once, she has changed over the time. I also kissed her.Reasoning: Peter is happy and excited because Anne went to visit him and they got to talk about how they feel about each other and how there views have changed. Also they are starting to get along and Peter kissed Anne so he is happy.Scene 3:I am mad and disappointed but at all at the same time I am excited because the Invasion has begun! I am mad and disappointed because they have just found my father stealing food. I cant believe he would do something like that when we don't even have enough as it is.Reasoning: In this scene Miep tells everyone they good new that the Invasion has begun and they are fighting back against the Nazis. All the people in the Annex also find out that Mr. Van Daan has been stealing food. So they are mad and yelling at him.Scene 4: I am scared and frightened but I must wait t see where the green police take me to. I kissed Anne because I do not know where they would take us or if I will ever see her again. Reasoning: Peter is scared and frightened because they green police has found them hiding in the Annex and they are going to take them away. He kisses Anne because he doesn't know if they will ever see each other again and he love her.Scene 5: I am scared and frightened but I must continue this is my life know and I will have to face it, Goodbye for now.Reasoning: Peter is getting tafcken now and will go to a camp. He does not know if he will return but this is his life because he is a Jew so he will have to face it.


- He was 16 when he entered teh Annex - Got sent to Aushwitz - Died at 18 - He had a pet cat named Moushi - Lived in Amsterdam, Poland


A song to engourage Peter to keep going and keep beliving.

Status: Act 2

Secret Annex Tour

Peter Van Daan

Status: Act 1

Act 1 Scene 1 Status: Getting prepared to leave home felling sad:( Reason for Status: The reason he is getting prepared to leave home is because he is going into hiding with Mr.Frank. I am putting this because they were trying to get enough supplies they need because Anne wrote in her diary that they were going to go into hiding with them.Scene 2 status: Felling shy and uneasy, Im not sure how people act.Reaoning for status Peter feels shy because he still doesn’t know many people, so he isn't sure how they act or what they are like. He is scared if they are rude.Scene 3 status: Im Feeling really annoyed with Anne. She doesn’t leave me alone and she is touching my stuff!Reasoing for status: Peter is feeling annoyed with Anne because she keep bothering him and also it says, “ She is dressed in Peter’s clothes. Peter looks at her in fury.” So this quotes shows that since she was wearing his clothes he is mad and is also becoming annoyed because she keeps bothering him and won’t leave him alone.Scene 4 status: Woke up startled and scared because I hear Anne screaming. I didn’t know what was going on I thought they were taking her. I was also afraid someone will hear and find us. Reason for status: The reason Peter feels this way is because in the story it says that Anne had a terrible nightmare and was screaming and yelling really loud. It also says, “ Peter puts his robe on coming out of his room.” Which shows peter is coming down because he heard Anne scream. Also it say’s in the story, “ Margot comes to the door of anne’s room, followed by Peter. Mr.frank goes to them, indicating that everything is all right. Peter takes Margot back.” From these lines in the story it shows that he and Margot were worried so they went to check on Anne because they heard the screaming and yelling which woke them scared. Scene 5 status: Happy and Thankful towards Anne because of the kind gifts she gave everyone, and because we are all together singing.Reason for status: Peter feels happy ad thankful toward anne because she made and got special gift to everyone and she gave Peter a razor so he can shave because she says he is starting to grow hair. Also because they lit the Manuriah and go to sing and be together.

Peter carring his cat Moushi


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