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Peter Van Daan

Hello I'm Peter.

A1S1 : cant believe that I’am losing everything, it hurts me a lot that I have to go into hiding and who’s know what will happen? I’am very frighten because I feel as if we are going to get caught, and that Im not going to survive.

A1S3 : Another person ? You got to be kidding me, knowing that its such a small place and the lack of food we have, the franks bring in Dussel. I honestly think I’m going to become nuts.

A1S4 : Are you kidding me, your are so annoying, waking everyone up because you had a nightmare. I’m tired of these people, they are becoming so annoying to me, someone save me !

A1S5 : Today has been a decent day since we are celebrating Hanukkah, but the bad thing was that we got mad, which really made me terrified.

A2S1 : Im scared, Mr. Kraler told us that someone knows were in hiding, what if this our last day here and we get caught?

A2S2 : Thank god they started invading into Germany, I want to go back to my old life already, hopefully in a couple days we can get out!

A1S2 : Im so mad about these dumb rules, I really just want to go back to my old life. Someone help me please.

A2S3 : Wow, my own dad is stealing food from the cabnites, knowing that we are all hungry and we are in need of that food, since we have a shortage of food.

A2S4 : Our time hear is finally over, I had grown so close to Anne, and now its all over, hopefully all of us are safe not matter what happens to us. GOODBYE.

A2S5 : Im glad now that Mr.Frank is alive because now he can tell the story of us and how we lived. Now I'm apart of history and my story will live on for ever.

- The background relates to the story because peter and his cat were close, and in the pic its a little boy and a cat. - Some of Peters characteristics/hobies was that Peter was really shy and isloated. Also he got had got really close with Anne, and that was Peters closet friends.


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