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Peter Van Daan

-Was born on November 8, 1926-Liked to play with his cat named Mouschi-Parents: August and Hermann Van Pels-No brothers, sister, or friends-At first he was hypersensitive and lazy-He feels stuped and inferior,-The first thing he would like to do once he was free it'll be go to watch a movie and move to a Dutch Indian plantation.

Peter's memorial video

This is what the local food looks like.

ACT 2 STATUSES-“I’m so sad, where did Mouschi go? Besides, I can’t believe a cake can also make everyone up here fight. Everyone is always blaming my parents, but well, I think I already got use to it. What I can’t get use to is Dussel’s attitude. I just can’t stand him, he is so annoying. I actually notice that he is the annoying one, not Anne. I now notice how nice she is. She is a great girl that defended myself and Margot. She spoke up for us, she has that ability that I’ve never have. I actually preferred to eat my cake with her, instead of my parents that argue all the time with each other.”- “I believe Anne has a crush on me... I can’t believe I’m still a little shy in front of her. It’s also time for me to learn how to act in front of girls, to understand what they want. I also think it’s hard to understand my mom; after she told me to make Anne my friend, she’s now trying to keep her away from me”-“I was closed to leave my hiding place! I know I was going to do the right think, I couldn’t just let my parents go by themselves. I know maybe what my dad did was wrong, stealing food. But I understand him he use to eat a lot. Anyway, the invasion started! we are close to be free. I can’t wait for that day to come!”-“Wild I was wining that I couldn’t stand more being in hiding, The Green Police was in their way to get us.... so, the day has come. After two years of being in hiding, it’s over. There is no other place to go but with them, to the place where all of us were suppose to be since the beginning. After living in fear, I agree with Mr Frank, we will now live in hope.”-“I can’t believe what had happened. I’m not even sure if this is a good or a bad ending. We are not in the annex anymore, but nothing that we thought that would had happen happened. We though the Americans would get here on time, and that we would be free. That happened two months later, after all of us were already suffering to death.”

ACT 1 STATUSES“I can’t believe we have to go hiding! I have to leave my big house and most of my staff to go to a small place with other family. At least I convinced my dad to let me stay with my cat, it’s the only thing that will keep me happy, I guess”-“I sincerely think it will be a long time before I see the outside again, and feel like I’m actually living. I also have to learn to live with four more people, especially with the thirteen year old girl.” -“I don’t think I’ll resist more in this place, especially with Anne, or I should say Mrs. Quack, who never stops talking and annoying at the same time. My mom, who has being also annoying me saying I should make Anne my “little girl friend”. And my dad who doesn’t like when I’m with my cat for even a little moment. Unfortunately, another person just joined us, his name is Dussel. It’s not that I don’t like him, but he came with really bad news about what has being happening out there. My prediction of staying here for a long time is getting true...”“Ma’am I never in my life experienced to wake up during night because somebody was screaming like if she was being murdered. At least nobody in the outside heard Anne, well that’s what I wish.”“Everything was doing good until I ruin it! I feel really bad. I can’t believe I fell when I was just trying to turn off the light. I guess the Green Police it’s about to come for us. I don’t really want my life and everyones life to end up like this, after we were a long time in hiding. We are pretty sure somebody heard us, or heard me fell, but who?”

1926-1945Holaucast Victim

Peter Van Pels/Dann


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