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Peter Van Daan


Peter Vandann

My Family and Friends

-Mr. Vandaan-Ms.Vandaan-Mouschi

Scene 1:Starting to get dressed, with a lot of clothes to go with an attic. Now to wait for the Franks.

Reason:They are starting to go into hiding with the Frank family.

Scene 4:Anne apparently had a nightmare, and screamed like crazy. She also trashed around, and I hope that no one outside heard.Reasoning:In Scene 4, even though Peter went in the room to see and then went back, I would be pretty sure that he would be weary of Anne’s nightmare, and if any one would here. Not much is known for this though.

Scene 3:Earlier, Anne played a joke on my shoes. Then, Mother told her about a story about her own legs, how good they still are, and how many boyfriends she used to have. Mother also kissed Mr. Frank. Really, I am embarrassed by it. In some good news, a new person joined us in the Annex today. His name is Mr. Dussel. He doesn't like cats, never less dogs.Reason:Peter did witness the whole “leg” event, and after that. I feel that he would be over-the-top embarrassed because of Mrs. Van Daan. Mr. Dussel said to Anne that he was allergic to any furry animals.

Scene 5:Today was Hanukah. Anne gave us all presents even though we had nothing to give her. She got a present for Mouschi, which I find pretty nice. Mr. Dussel made a mean joke, as for revenge, I hid Mouschi under my coat and walked in. I guess it was a wrong thing to do, as Father and Mr. Dussel would shoo out the cat, and then me. The day was ruined when that happened. Mr. Frank fainted, but it was because of noise down stairs that was a thief.Reasoning:Peter did get into a hefty argument with Mr. Dussel and Mr. Van Daan, and that Mr. Frank did faint. A thief stole a radio and something else.

Scene 2: Met them today. I met Anne, and she’s a bit... bold? Mrs. Frank is nice, and so is Mr. Frank. Mouschi now sleeps in a bathtub, I think he’ll be okay.Reason:Peter is now with the Franks, and it also describes him. By how we know that he is awkward and shy, I sort of expect him to say that if he talked about the first day, that or something similar.

FULL ACT 2: Scene 1:Meip brought cake for the group today, to celebrate New Years. It said something like "Piece in 1944." Mr. Dussel had a argument with Mr. Van daan on how mother gives him bigger pieces than the rest of us. I got angry at Mr. Dussel when he said she was crazy about worrying for her fur coat. Of course she's worried, she had that before I was even born. She brought it as her momento of her old life. Also, Mr. Dussel also said that I should stop worrying about Mouschi, that it would have already become dinner. I don't think so, I still have hope. In other news, it appears that we are being blackmailed. Anne left to her room when Margot said, "I wish the end would come." She left her cake piece, so I brought it to her. We talked for a bit, and I allowed her to be able to talk to me when she wanted to if everyone was irratating.Reason: Peter did start to argue with Mr. Dussel in the middle of Scene 1. He got sympathetic with Mrs. Van daan about her coat, and angry when he said that, "someone made a nice big dinner with that cat." Which I can tell is pretty offensive to say about a lost pet. He also let Anne go to his room to talk to him when she needed comfort away from the adults. It also started their relationship.Scene 2:Anne visited me in my room again today. She looked quite pretty. We talked shortly about the adults, what Anne once did in her spare time before we all went into hiding. She reminced on a bet she did about her days. She asked what I wanted to do, which I thought it would be okay for me to go work at a farm. We started to talk about how we may really feel about ourselves. Anne self-pitied while I rather stay away from others. When I told her I got along without friends, she may have gotten sad. Anne did say, "I think of myself as your friend." I replied that If they where like her, it would be different. I suppose thats true. Anne asked me if I kissed anyone. I had, but it was at a kissing game and I was blindfolded, but I guess it didn't count. We talked more on the subject, and then the bells chimed. She had to go, and she said she wouldn't stop coming despite mother's remarks. Before she left, I kissed her on the cheek. I think mother suspects us now...Reason:What happened on this scene was that Anne visited Peter. They had a conversation varying between the adults, themselves, and if they ever kissed someone and their opinions. Peter also kissed Anne on the cheek before she fully left the room. In the real Annex, (and website) said that their relationship begun.Scene 3:It founds out that the rats haven't been stealing most of the food, but Father has. Everyone was in a shock. Mrs. Frank was outraged, so was Mr. Dussel. Mr. Frank tried to calm everyone down. Mother went with Father's defence. Mrs. Frank said she would kick him out. I would go with him and Anne begged Mrs. Frank not to. Then Miep came up to the Annex in the right time and said that the invasion has begun, that D-Day started. We all started celebrating.Reason:Mr. Van Daan was caught sneaking food from the food safe. Mrs. Frank was considering that he would be moved into another hiding spot. Then Miep, at the nick of time, came and told everyone about D-Day. Everyone started celebrating.Scene 4:Today, Friday the Fourth of August according to Mr. Dussel, the phone started ringing. Mr. Dussel says that it's Miep trying to contact us, Mr. Frank and Mr. Van Daan says that it's not really Miep. He went downstairs and back to check the phone. Mother started to go hysterical, and Father started to argue with her. I couldn't handle everyone's bickering anymore. I went to my room. Anne followed me and tried to cheer me up by telling me to think about the outside. To be honest, I get angry thinking about the outside world. We're being trapped, caged into a small space for two years. We started to argue until Anne broke it off. Before I know it, we've stopped bickering and started looking at the sky light. Anne's words and the skylight was sort of calming. It was inturupted by the loud bangs. It was the Getsapo. Anne and I went to the main room, and everyone was given back-packs. Everyone knew it was the end of this. I kissed Anne goodbye, and went to get my things. We were given five minutes to collect our things, as so, this is the end of our journey.R: The group is found in this chapter. No one knows what the phone call was.

Born November 8th, 1926


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