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Peter the Great

Lasting Impact

Peter the Great was born in Pyotr Alekseyevich on June 9th in 1672 in Moscow, Russia. Peter the Great was the 14th child of Czar Alexis by his second wife. At first, Peter shared the throne with his half-brother. However, in 1696, Peter became sole ruler of Russia. He is known to histroy as Peter the Great, because he was one of Russia's greatest reformers. He continued the trend of increasing the czar's power.


1969- Peter became sole ruler of Russia1697- Embarked "Grand Embassy"1700- Westernization began1725- Peter the Great's death

Peter the Greaet brought the Russian Orthodox Church unter state control. He abolished the office of patriarch, head of the Church. He set up a group called the Holy Synod to run the Church under his direction. Like Ivan the Terrible, Peter reduced the power of the freat landowners. He recruited men from lower-ranking families. He then promoted them to positions authority and reward them grants of land. All of this was Peter the Great's reformations. He also westernized Russia which was a huge accomplishment. He introduced potatoes to stable Russian diet, started Russia's first newspaper, raised women's status, ordered the nobled to give up their tradiiton clothes for Western fashions, and also advanced education.

He brought Russia into a greater cultural contact with the West, partly as a result to Peter's own journey's throughout Wester Europe.


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Peter the Great's Short Biography:

Absolute Monarchy: is a king or queen who has unlimited power and seeks to control all aspects of society.Divine Right: The idea that manarchs are God's representatives on earth and are therfore answerable only to God.


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