Peter the Great

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Peter the Great

His trip from the west also inspired him to modernize Russia. He decided to change Russian culture to more like the West. He wanted to teach Russian people western manners. Another important thing was he wanted the nobles to shave off their beards. Peter was very obessive about chang the traditions. Each soldier also had an a foreign wife .

Pacify & Subjugate your nobles

Peter was inspired after visiting the west he decided to make Russia closer to that model. He westernized Russia by changing many of its traditions. Peter made a stable goverment by creating a board of administration to deal with problems. He created an army and navy which made Russia a great power. The industries for exports increased as well.

Petter the Great controlled the nobles by giving them jobs in the military and offices. He also gave non-noble citizens opportunities to become nobles. He keep the nobles happy by not imposing taxes for the nobilty which made the public unhappy

To make war

Peter the Great centralized his authority by dividing Russia in 50 provinces. He also forced all land owners to serve in the military or the civil offices.

Make religion work for you

Peter kept the Russian orthodox church under control. He completed it by creating the Holy Synod and abolishing the osition of patriarch. THe Holy Synod was a group of people who made decisions for the church.

Peter the Great

Dominate the cultural scene

Make more Money

Centralize authority around yourself

Russian economy increased, Peter invited military experts from the West to get help expanding the military service. Peter slo created the navy and the army. Russian territory also increased as the country became more powerful. Peter was able to gain a port on Baltic sea to gain trade through the Europe after the war.

Peter had build a very strong and powerful military. All soldiers recieved similar training so that thr army had unity. From 1705 on, both nobles and landowners could be decided for life long service in the army. By 1725, Russia had a army of 130,000 men. He also constructed the city of St. Peterburg by using peasant labor.

Build something worthy of your glory


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