Peter the Great

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Peter the Great

Peter the Great was one of the greatest absolute ruler that Russia has ever seen. He went on a huge journey to Europe to get ideas to advance Russia. Some of the things that he did was; introduced potatoes, started the first newspaper, took some power away from the nobels, and advanced educatoin. Another thing that he did was gain a warm water seaport for Russia. He esablished the sea port called St.Petersburg.


1672 - Peter was Born. 1676 - Peter Father dies.1682 - Peter was crowned.1696 - Peter gained absolute rule.1697 - Peter goes to Europe1700 - The Great Northern war1725 - Peter Dies

He introduced potatoesWarm water port reformed education Changed style of clothes

Lasting Impact

Today we still see what Peter did in the Sea Port. Russia is really cold and with out a warm water sea port it would be hard to trade with other countries in the winter.


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Peter the Great


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