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Peter Still

Peter Still


Born on Maryland

Non-important Facts1. Vina made Peter a leather pouch to keep money in2. Peter was rented out to a tobacco factory3. Peter is led away on horseback to a plantation4. Friedman's, Peter's owner, were Jewish5. Peter wasn't allowed to keep his earning in the store These are not important facts because they were not life changing events in Peter's life


Mother left him


Brother Levin died



Free papers earned

Family was reunited

Important Facts1. Peter was married to Vina and traveled many miles to see her2. Peter wanted to buy his freedom and succeeded3. Peter was sold to the Friedman's who gave him his free papers4. Peter tried to free his family once, and did not succeed5. Peter went around the world collecting money to buy his family free, and he was successful All of these facts are important because they were life changing times in Peter's life

Fun Fact-Peter Still and Seth Cocklin worked together to get his family free, and this inspired many other abolitionsits (like Harrtiot Tubman) to have more confidence and determination

Character Traits1. Brave- He refused to be whipped for doing nothing wrong2. Loyal-He promised to get his family free, and he did3. Confident-He was confident that he could buy his freedom4. Thankful- He was thankful to be free, and back with his family5.Helpful-was against slavery and always cared for his brother

Glossary1. Plantation-estate with laborers2. Fugitive-person who escaped3. Embedded-stuck in something4. Abolitionist-someone against slavery 5. Remote- unlikely to occur

Peter had many important times in his life. The two that I think are most important are when he buys his freedom, and when he and him and his family are reunited as free people.

Fun Fact-Peter Still helped with the Underground Railroad with his brother William Still. They and Seth Concklin set justic and equality for all. Seth Concklin gave his life in order to save Peter's family. This showed that blacks and whites were equal.

Peter's Mother

Free Papers of a slave

Peter and Vina

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Peter Still

The Life of Peter StillFrom the beginning to the end

Maryland eastern shore


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