Peter Pan

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Cell Biology

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Peter Pan


Nucleus to Wendy- who produces the stories of Peter Pan- instructs the lost boys on how to act and when to go to bed

Mitochondria to Faries- Produce pixie dust which gives them energy to be able to fly

Gogli Bodies to Ship- packaging of kids onto the ship ready for distribuation, the leaving of Neverland

Cell Membrane to Second Star to the Right- Controls who goes in and out of Neverland

Ribosomes to the Lost Boys- find and collect items to make food to eat for everyone

Cell Wall to Peter Pan- protects Neverland and the people in Neverland from Captain Hook

Enoplasmic Reticulum to Flying- gives them the ability to fly throughout Neverland

Lysosome to Alligator - eats Captains Hook no longer usable hand, he breaks down and recycles used parts.

Vacoule to Hangman’s Tree also known as the Hide Out- stores the materials for the boys to use for later use

Chloroplast to the Trees- produce energy like coconuts for the kids through photosynthesis

Checklist Plant Cell\/ Nucleus\/ Cell Wall\/ Cell Membrane\/ Mitochondria\/ Endoplasmic Reticulum \/ Lysosomes\/ Golgi apparatus\/ Chloroplasts\/ Ribosomes\/ Vacuole


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