Peter Lalor

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Peter Lalor

Occupation:Eureka stockade leader goldminer land agentMember of Lower HouseMember of Upper Houseminers' leader

They arrived at Melbourne in October 1852 and Peter found work on the construction of the Melbourne-Geelong railway; he and Richar, became partners with an Irishman as wine, spirits and provision merchants in Melbourne. In 1853 Peter left for the Ovens diggings

Peter Lalor

Did you know that Eureka, means i have found it.

Peter lalor was born on the February 1827 and died 9th February 1889 in the parish of Raheen, Queen's County, Ireland.

After the Eureka Stockade, Lalor was hidden in Geelong until the police stopped looking for him.The government changed the laws and miners on the goldfields were able to clect people to Parliament.Lalor was elected in November 1855.

After the Eureka miners were later aquitted, Lalor went on to take a seat in the Victoria Upper house, countiuning to fight for the rights of the miners and common working class. However, Lalor's political stance could be viewed as inconsistent.

Lalor was famous for being the leader of the Eureka Stokade.

Son of Patrick Lalor and wife Ann, née Dillon




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