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Peter Jackson


Released 2005Lead Actors- Naomi Watts, Jack Black, Adrien BrodyRunning Time- 187 minAwards- Won 3 Oscars1 BAFTA Award1 AFI Award1 ASCAP Film and Television Movie Award

Peter Jackson's style can simply be described as extreme attention to detail. One example of this is how he is known for his insistance on shooting scenes from as many angles as possible to get complete coverage of the scene. Most of his films have a darker details added to them because he originally was a horror film maker and then went into other genres. It is said that, ''One of his most common visual trademarks is shooting close-ups of actors with wide-angle lenses." Working with special affects and camera shots as specific as this, give all of his films a very realistic feeling. Lastly, he often made cameo appearances in his films giving them a personal touch which shows how much he cared about every detail of his films.

King Kong


1.The Fellowship of the Rings- 20012.The Two Towers- 20023.The Return of the King- 2003Lead Actors- Elijah Wood, Orlando Bloom, Ian McKellen, Viggo MortensenRunning Time- 1. 187 min2. 179 min 3. 201 minAwards- 1. 4 Oscars2. 2 Oscars3. 11 Oscars

Lord of the Rings

Laura SweereP2

Example of Jackson'scameo appearances inhis films. (Lord of the Rings)


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