Peter I The Great

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Peter I The Great

Peter's father, Czar Alexis, died four years after his birth, so he and his siblings took over the thrown at the age of ten. Peter did not have absolute control over the thrown until 1689 at the age of 17. Some of Peter's original goals while in power were to boost the efficiency of the Russian government and eliminate its corruption, as well as to westernize Russia. He succeeded in this task by using force and threats of torture by flogging and burning to influence the support of his movements. He also imposed high taxes and forced people into labor. Peter boosted the Russian government by creating schools, churches,museums and libraries. He also increased foreign trade with Europe and other countries.


June 9, 1672: Peter was born in Moscow, Russia.February 8, 1725:Peter's death.

Peter married his first wife, Eodoxia, in 1689. However, he got "bored" with her, and remarried Catherine I in 1712. They had two daughters, Elizabeth and Anna Petrova.


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Peter I:The Great

On The Thrown


Quote: "I have conquered an empire, yet I have not been able to conquer myself."

In my opinion, Peter I was an absolute monarch mainly because he didn't let anybody get away with anything. Even if they didn't do anything, he still dispensed punishment.


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