Peter and the Sword of Mercy

by MrHodgson
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Peter and the Sword of Mercy

A Book Review

Three Antagonists:1. Oombra -- the leader of The Others, Oombra is all darkness and evil, a shadowy creature.2. Sketelon -- a creature with a mangled face and dark magical powers to inflict incredible pain on his enemies.3. Captain Hook -- the pirate captain determined to destroy Peter and return to glory.

Three Protagonists:1. Peter -- a magical boy who is a child forever thanks to Starstuff. He is brave and fearless.2. Wendy -- the daughter of Molly, who was Peter's friend through the first books of the series. Wendy is scared but determined to save her family.3. Tinkerbell -- a magical pixie bird who is faithful to Peter, but also critical of his friendship to any other girl, including Molly and Wendy.

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Story SummaryOombra has come back to life and is in control of the future King of England. He and his dark helpers are determined to find a hidden cache of Starstuff which can only be opened with a broken tip of the Sword of Mercy. It is up to Peter, Wendy and others to stop Oombra and save Wendy's mother and father, who are now prisoners of Oombra.


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