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Peter Alexander

Alexander was born in Melbourne, Australia in 1965.

At age 24, having worked for four years in the retail industry, Peter decided it was time to be his own boss. Identifying a gap in the market when his female friends were unable to find comfortable women's pyjamas that weren't flannelette nighties or lacy lingerie styles, Peter decided to establish his own business.




P- This design is unique and gives a peaceful atmosphere.

I - The design is interesting with the cherry blossems and forest in the backround.

M - The design would only be wearable in winter or cold nights.

Inteview with Peter Alexander

Itwasn’t the smoothest start – without any practical design skills Peter had to have help of his friends and family to cut patterns and sew to see his concept come to life. During this time, many people tried to discourage Peter because he had no formal training and no business experience. However when a department store cancelled an order for 2000 pairs of pyjamas, Peter's biggest setback became his biggest opportunity. In desperation, Peter put a mail order advertisement in Cleo magazine. The response was overwhelming and Peter was flooded with 6000 orders from one advertisement. Since then, he hasn't looked back.

5 Facts about Peter Alexander

1. When Peter picked up the phone to take an order he would pretend to be someone else.Opinnion- I think this is funny and see how desprete he is to start his bussiness.

2. At school Peter was considered the least likely to succeed.Opinnion- That is very discouraging but proving they were wrong is good.

As well as being inspired by his furry friends, he credits television, his energetic nieces and travel as sources of inspiration for his famously quirky and fun designs.Movies also play a large role, with the upcoming August line featuring characters from Peter’s four favourite films – Star Wars, Harry Potter, The Wizard of Oz and Gentlemen Prefer Blondes.“My favourite things inspire me, but my brain never switches off – I could have the best idea when I’m, say, walking through the park,” he says.

Peter's Inspiration

3. There are 62 Peter Alexander stores in just Australia and New zealend.Opinnion- Thats a lot of stores in just to countries.

5. Peter is a strong supporter in animal rights.Opinnion- I think this is good and should be supported.

4. In 1992 peter won australian designer of the year.Opinnion- Peter was very succesful in just a short period of time.



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