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Pete Sampras

Pete was born on August 12, 1971 in Potomac, Maryland, but at the age of 3, moved to Los Angeles. In Los Angeles, he attended the Jack Kramer Club for tennis. Pete went to Vista Grade School, Ridgecrest Intermediete, and Palos Verdes Highschool. He didn't go to a college because he was going to go proffesional.

Pete played with a No.2 ranked womens tennis player in the world, Maria Sharapova when she was 12 years old. Pete also got to meet his idol Rod Laver. He also got to play against Rod Laver so that was pretty exciting

Pete is one of 4 kids, he has an older brother named Gus, an older sister named Stella, and a younger sister named Marion. His parents, Sam and Georgia, are of Greek roots. They encouraged Pete and his siblings to eat traditional Greek foods and celebrate Greek holidays. Pete then married his wife Bridgette Wilson and had 2 kids, Ryan and Christian.

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Pete Sampras has joined the International Hall of Fame for winning 14 Grand Slams, 11 ATP Masters, 5 Tennis Masters Cups. He was the youngest person to win the US Open, and oldest person to win an Open at the age of 31. Pete had many struggles as well, he has had a career threatning foot injury, his coach Tim lost his battle with brain cancer and passed away at an early age, and he lost his closest friend in a tragic car accident.

Influencial Person

Pete Sampras admired Rod Laver because he loved his style of game. Pete loved how Rod had a serve and volley game rather than a serve and groundstroke game. Since Pete loved how Rod could win with a serve and volley game, he quickly modified the way he played and started to dominate.

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Pete Sampras


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