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Pete Rose


“Pete Rose changed baseball history because he was the first Reds player to be both an All-Star infielder and an All-Star outfielder.”(From the Pete Rose biography) As the Pete Rose biography say “He was the first Reds player to win back to back batting titles, first hometown boy to be named team captain, and the first Red to earn $100,000.” In the book a picture shows “Base Hit # 2,000 for Pete Rose a score board at San Francisco’s Candlestick Park announces Pete’s newest record.” On page 57 it says “He finished the ’62 campaign with an impressive .330 batting average and led the Sally League in runs scored (136) and triples (17). On page 107 it says “But then he went on a real tear, hitting a sizzling .379 in his 253 at bats.

Why would Pete Rose be considered a hero? Pete Rose was a Reds baseball player. Pete Rose is a hero because he changed baseball history. He used to be a great baseball playerand he was kind to his fans.

As the Pete Rose biography states “He was a great baseball player because he had enough momentum on a slide that he took down a catcher crouching that was 220 pounds and 6 foot 2.”On page 91 it says “In his third year he played in all 162 games and led the National League in times at bat (670) and hits (209). Also on page 91 it says that “Dick Sisler, who took over as Reds’ manager from Hutchinson, added, Pete is at least seventy-five percent better in the field than he was a year ago. On page 75 it says “he played in 157 games his rookie season and racked up 170 hits in 603 times at bat for a .273 average. Also on page 75 it says “He collected 25 doubles, nine triples, and six homers and scored 101 runs.

As the Pete Rose Biography says “He was very sympathetic to his fans because when a young boy asked him for an autograph he would give him a signed photo from his pile of autographed photos.” The Pete Rose biography says “Rose always threw back the foul balls that bounced out of the stands.” “He also gave some young fans an autographed baseball.”(From the Pete Rose biography) As the Pete Rose biography says “He made personal appearances for the Reds in the winter, and for many years he played for the Cincinnati Reds basketball team. In the first paragraph on page 144 it says “No doubt Pete’s three biggest fans were his wife Karolyn, his daughter Fawn (born 1964), and son Pete JR. (1969).

Pete was part of the Big Red Machine. While being determined to become one of the greats in Major League Baseball (MLB) Pete Rose was very kind to his fans and changed the history of baseball for the greater good. Pete Rose has become a Reds baseball legend.

By:Brandon Ollier


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