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Social Studies

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petawawa is located in eastern portion ofsouthern Ontario. And the town lise on the west bank of the Ottawariver. Petawa is also near Ottawa it takes a two hour drive from Petawa to Ottawa. from guelphit takes a six hour drive.

petawawa is a great place to go beacuse of all its plants and animals. there are lots of hills to have a hike on. Petawawa also has two big beaches you can go to. and some of the animals in petawawa is bunny goats horses and more.

Petawawas population is 15,988 in 2011 so Petawawa is not big

Petawawa is like Guelph in the summer we were t shrits and shorts in winter we were snowpants and jackets and hats and petawawa is the same. but petawawa gets more snow and more rain .

petawawa gets the same goods as Guelph Ottawa gets shipments from America and japan the Ottawagives it to guelph and petawawa by bots trains plans truks and more.

petawawa is a lot smaller than Ottawa and it only takes a two hour drive from Ottawa to Petawaso if you are in Ottawa you should stopby Petawaw.

Petawaw is nere the canadin sheld

A cool thing about Petawawais that it is a millatary base so lot of soljers trian there likemy couson

Petawawa is a verey small place there is not a lot to do there but be a soljer and loot at plants and animes some of the animals arebare mooes fish deer and lots more so if you want to look at plants and animals petawawa is the place to go to


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