Pet Sematary

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Pet Sematary

Part 3. The Micmac Burying GroundA couple months pass by, Louis is exposed to some tramatic experiences with his awful dreams and some severely injured patients, including Victor Pascow who dies in a car crash. Rachel, Ellie, and Gage are going on a vacation beck to thier hometown in Chicago to see Rachel's parents. Louis avoids this vacation because his parents in law are not exactly fond of him, so he takes care of the house alone. The family leaves and soon after Jud comes to Louis's house late at night. Jud found Church's corpse beat up on the side of the highway, Church's soul fallen under the same fate as tens of other pets. Now since Louis saved Norma's life from an almost fatal heart attack (Jud's wife), Jud wishes to repay Louis with an interesting gift. Jud takes Louis and Church's body to the pet sematary but instead of burying the cat there, Jud walks over a pile of branches that seem very dangerous with ease. Louis follows and passes over to his amazement also with ease, and jud takes them to a plateau looking hill that has obviously been shaped by some ancient peoples. This place is known as the micmac burying ground. Louis buries his cat and when he gets home, Church is back alive but seems very odd... he reeks of rotting meat and his eyes are a musty yellow color. Jud warns Louis saying that only animals should be buried there, because people who are buried there become almost demonic and eventually tells Jud tells Louis of a real life example, Timmy. He was revived by his father and came back to life as a disgusting attempt of a human. Louis ignores this though...

Part 2. Pet SematarySoon after the Creed's arrival, Ellie notices a winding path leading into the forest in their backyard. Jud promises to take them there soon and he does. This path ends up becoming a long hike to the "Pet Sematary". This cemetary has collected families' pets for almost a century, and is decently big because of the large highway they live off of. Anyway, when the whole family and Jud arrive immediately Rachel gets a really bad feeling that she and her children are in danger, especially when Ellie steps near a pile of branches that have a weird aura surronding it. They leave soon after but Louis and Jud will be coming back very soon.

Part 1. The ArrivalThe Creed family (Louis, Rachel, Ellie, and Gage) decide to move away from the crazy city life of Chicago, to a beautiful house in Maine near the state university. Louis works full time as the director of the campus health service at the said university. The house is nice, plenty of room for the whole family and their cat Church. When the Creed family is first settling in they are met by an elderly man named Jud. Jud is in very good shape for his age, he seems like the kind of guy who knows how to fix anything considering he is introduced pulling out a bee stinger from Gage's arm. Jud and Louis become very close friends after they start drinking beers together on Jud's front porch almost every night.

Pet Sematary

Part 4. The ResurrectionOn a beautiful evening the Creed family is playing a game on the front lawn. Louis runs to tag Gage but Gage is already far away and Louis notices him approaching the road. Louis and Rachel scream for him to turn around but with no success. Gage is hit by a 14 wheeler on the road and is tossed almost as far as the length of a football field. The funeral is held, Louis gets in a fight with his father in law, and in his deep sorrow Louis makes a plan. Louis sneaks into the cemetary late at night to get little Gage and bury him in the Micmac cemetary ignoring Jud's advice in desperation. Now Rachel and Ellie were about to go to the house of Rachel's parents when Ellie has a bad dream about Louis and Gage on the plane, giving Rachel a bad feeling, and eventually making Rachel turn around back home to check on Louis while he is trying to resurrect Gage. She misses the plane and has to drive, but meanwhile Louis brought back Gage. Louis goes home and falls asleep, Gage comes to life during the night and takes Louis's scalpel and kills Jud in his home. Rachel gets back that night, goes to Jud's house since church was lurking around it and gets killed too. The next morning Louis realizes what he has done and kills "zombie" gage by overdosing him with morphine and burns down the house to get rid of all evidence.

"He bought her six dresses and I brought her goddamn cat back from the dead, so who loves her more?" (King 231).

"Cats were the gangsters of the animal world, living outside the law and often dying there"(King 53).

"Sometimes people have to do things that just seem right. That seem right in their hearts, I mean."(King 179)


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