Peshtigo Forest Fire

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Peshtigo Forest Fire

Earth SpheresGeosphere-The Geosphere consists mainly of land and rock. For example, the rocks by a brook are part of the Geosphere.Hydrosphere:- The Hydrosphere consists mainly of water. For example, the ocean is a large part of the Hydrosphere.-Atmosphere:The Atmosphere consists mainly of air. For example, the air we breathe is part of the Atmosphere.- BiosphereThe Biosphere consists mainly of life. For example, our pets, like dogs and cats, are part of the Biosphere, along with us.

The Peshtigo forest fire was started by settlers lighting small fires and not putting them out correctly. Because of the flammability of the trees, the fire spread quickly.

How was the fire started?

The fire affected the Biosphere by burning forms of life, and causing the animals/people to breathe smoke. This caused lung problems, which killed them.

The fire affected the Atmosphere by releasing tons of smoke into the air, triggering pollution.

The fire affected the Hydrosphere by evaporating the water, causing drought-like conditions. The fire also blocked animals and people from getting water.

This fire affected the Geosphere because it melted stones and burned land that could have been used to grow crops.



This fire took place in the 1800s. I was not able to find a good video.


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