Pervasive Disorders

by NinaPrice
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Pervasive Disorders

For Session 6, I grouped together multiple profiles of neurodiverse learners, all of whom are impacted by pervasive developmental impairments that impact their ability to interact with others and often requires that they receive educational services in programs outside of the mainstream that are designed to meet their social, intellectual, and developmental needs. In a school setting these students may be placed with a teacher certified in severe/profound special education. That said , within all of the disorders discussed, there are a wide range of abilities displayed, particularly in relation to Autism Spectrum Disorders and, as will be featured in the videos on this glog, even individuals with pervasive disorders can diplay tremendous strengths and unique abilities. On a personal note, I have the privilege of working with nonverbal student who are on the Autism Spectrum in my work as a special education teacher at a public high school. One of the foci of my work with them has been expanding their abilities to use augmentative and alternative communication (AAC) as a means of empowering them to find their voice. Through my work I have learned that students who face the challenges of pervasive disorders have a lot to say and much to teach us, if we just take a moment to look beyond first impressions and really listen.

EDUC 735 - Session 6

Pervasive Disorders

VIDEOSThe videos featured below capture insights into both the tremendous strengths and challenges related to pervasive disorders, such as ASD and Williams Syndrome.

Advocacy The images below are linked to webpages for advocacy groups that provide information about pervasive disorders, facilitate support groups, and engage in advocacy to support research and legislation to improve the lives of individuals who have pervasive disorders.



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