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Social Studies

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The capital of Peru is Lima.Important cities in Peru are Lima(The City of Kings)and Arequipa(The White City).This country borders Bolivia, Brazil, Colombia,Chile, and Ecuador.

The colors on the Peruvian flag are white and red.The population is about 27.94 million people.

Most archaeologists believe that Machu Picchu was built as an estate for the inca emperor Pachacuti (1438-1472). Often mistakenly referred to as the lost city of the Incas, it is the most familiar icon of Inca civilization.

Western style clothing is usually worn in Peru, but hand woven fabrics are used to make local farmers clothes. Some foods that Peruvians eat are Ceviche Peruano(fish marinated in lime and lemon juice)- a main dish that Peruvians eat. Arroz con leche( rice and milk) is often served as a dessert.On Christmas day in Peru, many people attend bullfights.

Soccer is the most commonly played sport in Peru.

For Peruvians, an evening of socializing often includes lively music and salsa dancing.1 in 10 Peruvian children will live to the age of 5.The white on the flag represents peace, progress and dignity. The red represents war and courage.The middle of the flag represents animal kingdom, vegetable kingdom, and mineral kingdom.


Peru- Land of the Incas

Road to Machu Picchu

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