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Social Studies

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Currency Name Nuevo sol (PEN)

Largest CitiesLima, Callao, Tryiilo


The Andes Mountains is the worlds longest mountain chain that is above sea level.

The Rio Dorado is aprat of the Amazon river.

Lima, the capital of Peru, is the largest city in the country! The next largest is Callao and then Tryiilo.

Official LanguagesSpanish, Quechua, Aymara


This is a map of Peru!

Most people bulid their own houses that are made out of adobe and thier roof is made out of grass thatch.

This is Peru's flag!

Fun Fact!Most peole in Peru are Roman Catholics

Fun Fact!More indigenous people live in Peru than any other country in South America.

Country's that border Peru!Ecuador, Columbia, Brazil, Bolivia, and Chilie. (the Pacific ocean also borders it one the west)

Perus national anthum!


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