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Social Studies

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GovermentPeru has a democratic republic as their government.The government has a separation of the three autonomous and independent powers: the Executive, which is represented by the President of the Republic; the Legislative Power or National Congress, and the Judicial Power.

EconomyPeru has a mixed economy. The economy is a mixture of capitalist markets and private ownership.

Geography:The climate depends on were you are in Peru it can be freezing in the mountains or hot on the beach.The longitude laditude lines for Peru are 12.0433 S and 77.0283 W. The capital for peru is Lima.Peru is 496,200 Million Sq miles. There are 30.38 million People in Peru.

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Peru is a great vacation place for many reasons. You can go skiing in the great mountains or you can be at the great beches having fun in the water.

CultureIn Peru you have a religon right even though most people are cathlic.In Peru there are customs that formed over 3,000 popular festivals.The culture of ancient Peru is also expressed by a wide variety of native language but mostly spanish.The most popular sports in Peru are soccer and volleyball followed by racing, and bullfighting . Many foods from spain are now considered Peru food like weat oats and rice.


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