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In South America, there's a contrey called Peru. Peru is bordered by Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, and Ecuador Peru's capital city is Lima.

The colors on the Peru flag stand for the Lnca empire that use to rule the land. The cornicopia stands for prosperity, the llama is there because it is the most distinctive animal and the tree stands for all the trees from the rainforest

The population of Peru is 30.1 million. Peru borders Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, and Ecuador.

Peru has been inhabited by humans since 1250BC. Peru was ruled by the Inca Empire until Francisco Pizarro conquered the land. Francisco made the city Ciudad de los Peyes, in english it means the city of kings. Today the city is now called Lima, which is the capital city.

Peru is a multiethnic contrey. 80% of people are Romain Catholic. People wear western clothing. Peru's traditional wear for women is layered skirts and colorful petty coats. For men it is knee length pants, bright ponchos, and maybe even a hat. Many people eat fruit. Most families have one U.S. dollar so food is limited. Soccer is Peru's main sport

In Peru if your given something you admire you must accept, because if not its rude. Rural familes build their own house. Most houses has only 1 room. Peru is one of the worlds leading producers of gold, copper, sliver, lead, and zinc provider. Peru ranks among the world's lead fishing conterys. The world's biggest cayon is in Peru. Peru is the 5th most populated contery in South America. Peru is the archeological capital of South America and has the highest navigable body of water in the world.


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