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Currency: Peruvien nuevo solTerrain: narrow desert along almost the whole coasline, Altiplano ( high plains), Andes mountains, Amazon rainforest, desert along

Land Area: 496,200 sq miles (1,285 million km)Climate: variable from place to place, coastal desert has a mild, dry climate (66-82 degrees F), peaks of Andes get snow, eastern side of Andes, near the Amazon gets lots of rain

Official Language: SpanishMajor Industries: mining for minerals like copper and iron, colorful textiles made of cotton or alpaca wool, food, fishing, petroleum, agriculture such as quinoa, sugercane, potatoes

La Republica del Peru es el mejor lugar para ti

Location: South AmericaOfficial Name: Republic of Peru, Republica del Peru

Amazon RainforestThe Amazon Rainforest spreads through nine countries in South America, including Peru. The Amazon Rainforest is home to 40,00 species of plants, and 2.5 million species of insects of different species of plants and animals, and it spreads 1,000 miles (1,600 km) southward in Peru.

Andes MountainsThe Andes Mountains are located in the middle of Peru, and act like the backbone of the country. The mountains were formed when South American plates pushed up over plates under the Pacific ocean.Mount Aconcagua, the highest peak of the montain range, is 19,685 ft, (6,000 m)

Machu PicchuMachu Picchu is a site of ruins from the 1400s that include palaces, temples, courtyards, prisons, houses, and fountians. The Incas who lived there cut steps into the mountain sides to grow crops. Machu Picchu means ancient peak.

Indigenous PeopleThe Indegenous people of Peru are the native groups that live there, including the Quechua, and the Aymara. Some of the Indigenous people have a mixed Spanish and Indian heritage, and they are called the Mestizos.

AlpacasAlpacas are relatives of llamas that are kept for their wool and bred for fiber. Alpacas are kept in herds and graze in the Andes of southern Peru, northern Bolivia, northern Chile, And Ecuador.

Flag of PeruThe flag of Peru represents a yellow cornicopia spilling out gold coins, which signifies prosperity, a cinchona tree, which simbolizes the source of quinine, which is all surrounded by a green wreath., that represents economy.

The Republic of Peru is the best place for you

Capital: LimaPopulation: 29,940,408Major Bodies of Water: Pacific Ocean., Amazon River, Lake Titicaca, Lake Llanganuco



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