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Social Studies

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Fun Facts - Birth Rate: 18.85 - Death Rate: 5.97 - Dependency Load: 52.28 - Immigration Rate: 6.4 - Emigration Rate: 9.26 - Infant Mortality Rate: 20.85 - Life Expectancy: 72.98 - Total Fertility Rate: 2.25 - Population Growth Rate: 10.02(The World Fact Book, 2013)

Peru Demography

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Natural Increase Rate12.88Net Migration Rate-2.86Doubling Time6.99

Living Conditions

Machu Picchu

Factors Influencing Demographic Trends - Population was estimated to be 9 million in 1520 and decreased to 600,000 in 1620 due to the spread of germs and diseases. The population would probably be much higher if there weren’t so many deaths.(Davies, 2013)- Economy is dependent upon export of raw materials. About 60% of Peru’s exports are raw materials and they are very dependent on the gold and copper they mine.(Republic of Peru, 2013)- Arable land is becoming more scarce and agriculture is no longer a primary economic activity. Peru is losing land that is suitable to farm on which is partly because of the unpredictable rainfall and difficult terrain.(Peru Economy Profile, 2013)- Primary school became free and accessible to all students in 1993 and enrollment has been rising ever since. One of the biggest changes Peru made to their education system was allowing everyone to attend primary school for free. Because of this, Peru has been stated to have one of the best education systems and highest attendance rates in Latin America. (UNESCO, World Bank, Inter-American Developed Bank)(Findings on the Worst Forms of Child Labor, 2012)-In 2012 the government began implimenting strategies to reduce child labour. The Peruvian government has put together a four year plan to get children out of the dangerous work and in school. They are targeting Peru’s poorest regions and the U.S. is giving them $13 million in funds to help.(Findings on the Worst Forms of Child Labor, 2012)

Possible Demographic Changes in the Future- Less reliance on natural resources and raw materials. Less reliance on the country’s natural resources could mean more focus on the economy.(Economists predicts 2013 to be Peru´s best year CCTV News - Miguel Palomino, 2013)- More girls and young children going to school because of free admission. Peru has been really focusing on improving their education system which could mean there will be more skilled workers and less labour workers.(Findings on the Worst Forms of Child Labor, 2012)- Less poverty with the expansion of infrastructure. Peru’s economy and infrastructure has been expanding greatly and many people who did not have opportunities for suitable homes before might be able to have them in the future.(Economists predicts 2013 to be Peru´s best year CCTV News - Miguel Palomino, 2013)- With the economy rapidly expanding, Peru could be on its way to becoming a New Core country.

Economic Predictions for 2013

(Economists predicts 2013 to be Peru´s best year CCTV News - Miguel Palomino, 2013)


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