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Peru (:

Sofia Mulanovich is a very famous surfer, actually she is one of the most popular woman surfer in the world. In 1996, despite the fact she'd never surfed a contest in her life, Roberto Meza and Magoo De La Rosa, two of Peru's top surfers, put 14-year old Sofia on the Peruvian team and headed for the Pan American Games in the Caribbean. After that experience of surfing, her fame in surfing took off all over the globe!

PeruBy Laura Naikwad

Water Problem

About a quarter of Peru's population and half of its rural residents lack access to clean drinking water and working toilets. The city of Lima is among the driest capitals in the world, receiving less than an inch of rain a year. The impoverished country hasn't been able to get basic water services to many of its citizens, due to the amount of rain they get.

Some Facts You Should Know!

Peru has a population of 29,399,817 people!

Francisco Pizarro found Lima and originally named it "City of Kings"

Peru is famous for export of a high-quality cotton.

Lima is the fourth-largest city in South America!

American and European brands of toilet articles and cosmetics are expensive in Peru.



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